Yosemite 2017

Decided to head back to Yosemite for the yearly big trip because… well… it’s great. Last year we through hiked from Tuolumne Meadows into the Valley which was great. This year we decided to head out into The Clark Range… at least that was the plan. Continue reading


Slieve Foy – An evening hike from our hotel in Carlingford, Ireland

Let me start by saying that if you are in Ireland and looking for a great little East coast town north of Dublin… within sight of Northern Ireland (it’s across the bay) then you must go to Carlingford. This was a total surprise for us. We did a trip to Northern Ireland and wanted to visit Dublin so just picked Carlingford at random as a base to visit Dublin but also get back to Belfast for our flight home. When you pull into town the 1st thing you notice is the peak in the background… hmmm… I wonder if that has a trail up it? Continue reading

ADK Solo Overnight – July 28-29, 2017

I had a free weekend when my wife and daughter went down to El Classico in Miami and my son was working up in Boston so I decided to head out for my first solo backpacking trip. I’m not sure you can ever be solo in the Adirondacks in the summer but I’d give it a try anyway. I wanted to hit some high peaks and since I had never been up Algonquin I figured out a nice loop that had me hitting three 46er peaks before descending to Lake Colden to spend the night. The next morning I tag Mt. Colden and head out. Since I’m a good 4.5 hour drive to the Loj and nobody was home anyway I decided to head up Friday night and car camp. Continue reading

Mt Mansfield VT – August 9, 2017

Finally knocked off the highest peak in VT… now I only have Maine and Rhode Island left.

Our route

We were invited to visit some friends staying at Smuggler’s Notch Resort so it was a perfect opportunity to tag Mansfield while being in the neighborhood. We went up the LT to the summit and then to make it a little more interesting we went along the ridge to the Cliff Trail, back up to the ridge to the Profanity Trail to rejoin the LT and return to the car – about 7.5 miles total. Seemed like a relatively easy day… Continue reading

The Sierra Trip – 2016

We chose Yosemite as the destination for the 2016 “big trip” for not only amazing

The Trip

hiking but the proximity to California wine country for part 2 of the vacation. My friend and me would fly out for 4 days in the Sierra back country and our wives join us for 4 days in the CA wine country… and it was my friends 50th birthday so what better way to spend it.

Continue reading

Delaware Water Gap (Finally) – 4/14/2017

My wife has been wanting to hike the DWG (as she now calls it) for a while. We’d sometimes drive through the Gap on the way to a soccer tournament or some other thing and all those signs would draw her in. So on this Sunday we had off from all sports and with the Daks and Whites still snow covered we decided to give it a go. But what exactly is the Delaware Water Gap? Continue reading

Hiking to Iceland’s highest waterfall – Glymur (2016)

OK… not entirely true, according to a Wikipedia update ” It was long regarded as the tallest

Getting started

waterfall in Iceland until being surpassed by a newly measured waterfall near Morsárjökull in 2011″ but who cares. We did a lot of hiking in Iceland and while this was not a particularly long (5 mile round trip) or difficult hike it was one of my favorites (if not my favorite).

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